Just a little ‘in-progress’ of how I’ve arrived at the current stage. Also included is a quick redeco of ironman into the iron patriot.

The base work is drawn in illustrator, just creating simple shapes that form the figure roughly the right flat colour, then taken into Photoshop section by section. I chose to do it section by section as it allows the file size to be efficient to handle, but even now it is about 900mb and built in over 250 layers.

The textures have been brought in via cgtextures.com and using different transparency and blending layers give a more realistic feel to the illustration.

This is the first big photoshop illustration I’ve ever done, which surprises me, but I’ve found that even though a drawing tablet can be useful, I just can’t master them! So I would say 95% of this is done with a mouse or trackpad, which I do not recommend!

It would be great to get some feedback, and once it’s finished I’m going to look at making some stuff available with this on :)

I might even do some more redecos of other ironman variants when it’s all finished up

The ‘in-progress’